Urban Feminist Research: Ethnographic Research Tools 🗓

Situated within the dynamic early 21st century context of urbanization, the project “Urbanization, Gender and the Global South: a transformative knowledge network” will conduct research and engage in public education and policy enrichment in 7 cities in lower middle-income countries to advance understanding of how the relationship between poverty and inequality is being transformed, focusing in particular on how this is reconstituting gender relations and women’s right to the city in post- and neo-colonial contexts. This research bases on an interdisciplinary and comparative partnership between 35 feminist urban scholars and activists from 10 countries. Partners include universities, women’s organizations, civil society groups, policy organizations and the multilateral UN Habitat Gender Hub.

Within this framework, we are holding a workshop on Ethnographic Research Tools in the context on Urban and Feminist Research. The aim of the workshop is to train field researchers with techniques and some of the basic relevant information needed to conduct original research.

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