Ein Qiniya

Ein Qiniya is a Palestinian village in the northern West Bank, located 7 kilometers northwest of Ramallah and is a part of the Ramallah and Al-Bireh Governorate. Ein Qiniya has existed since the Roman-era. The village is very small and is regionally notable for being a spring and autumn time picnic resort.

Over recent years much of the land in the village was bought by investors mostly from Ramallah. As the city continues to expand, Ein Qiniya is in line to become the next suburb of Ramallah. In addition to this, the proximity to Ramallah has had an influence on life in Ein Qiniya for a long time. However, traditional ways of living are still strong in Ein Qiniya with a few successful farming families relying on agriculture and traditional crafts to earn a living. Most of agricultural land in Ein Qiniya is farmed by local farmers who lease the lands from its new owners. It is worth noting that agriculture is common in the Ein Qiniya and the surrounding villages due to the availability of water from natural water springs and streams in the area, as the high prices of water and increased land prices undermines the viability of agriculture in the West Bank. The community in Ein Qiniya is composed of the original families of the village and families which were forcefully displaced in 1948 and settled in Ein Qiniya.